About Safari Park The word “safari” has several meanings. It is a special kind of hunt in African jungle as well as a huge park where people can observe animals in the wilderness. But initially “safari” in Swahili language (East Africa) meant a trip or a journey…

“The Safari park” is the first rehabilitation facility for wild animals at the Black sea coast. A lot of our inhabitants have already experienced human cruelty and don’t trust people. Therefore the main objective for the park staff is to create the proper conditions for our charges so that they could forget about their difficult past.

Our enclosures are a piece of wood where an animal can hide in the shrubs or climb a tree. If you are attentive and unhurried you will get a unique opportunity to see the “wildlife” under near-natural conditions. There’s no need for you to go to the taiga forest to observe mother-tiger upbringing her offspring, to watch Ussuri bear cubs play and many other interesting things. We’ve got 17 bears, 8 lions 13 tigers and plenty of other wonderful animals and birds in our park.

There is a museum on the territory of the park, “From the depths of centuries and waters”, its exposition including more than 5 thousand exhibits. Here one can see a great collection of coins from all over the world, devoted to seas and oceans, a coral head and famous sailing vessels models. One can also learn about the history of navigation from antiquity to the present days, visit Captain Nemo’s mysterious cabin and see the sea bottom with sunk treasures from its port holes.

You will never forget the visit to Bear Cave where one can get acquainted with its inhabitants’ life and also see a collection of minerals, ammonites and trilobites – age mates of dinosaurs.

Our youngest visitors will like the playground with slides, swings and merry-go-rounds. The longest (1600 meters) and highest (640 meters above the sea level) ropeway of the Black sea coast will take you to the very top of the Markotkhsky range in 20 minutes!

And, as they say: «Seeing is believing!» Welcome to an exciting trip around the Safari Park.